Know What It Takes to Block a Sender in Gmail? 

Are you frustrated with the annoying emails from a particular sender or group of senders? The spam mails generally are intended to send harmful links or plain junks, which are of no particular use and only clutter your Gmail inbox.  It is preferable to enforce a mechanism that will help you to tackle such issues, once and for all. 


As far as Gmail is concerned, you are capable of blocking a sender and this really helps you to a large extent. In addition to these, you can also delete these messages automatically, without facing much of any hindrance. 


Instead of rummaging through the whole set up, it is better to let technology do the job. Saves time and lets you complete the process, with a bit of ease. Well, the process of blocking a sender is fairly easy to follow and implement. Just make sure to read through the steps and once you are done, it will eventually assist you to get rid of junk mails from unauthorized senders.


The Steps to Block a Sender in Gmail


Figuring a way to block a sender in your Gmail is not that difficult. It just comes down to following the methodology, as prescribed by Google. The procedure is as follows:-


•Sign in to your Gmail account. 


•Open any message from the sister you want to block.


•On the menu button, click More. 


•From the same menu, click Block Name. 


•Under Block this sender column, Select Block.  


•Save the Settings


With Gmail, you have certain flexibility that allows you to have an extra layer of security. The enhanced security gives you more room to store genuine mails, as opposed to malicious mails, which are not much of any use either. In a way, to keep all your data and information safe and to get rid of some disturbing emails, blocking the sender seems to be a good idea. 


What if you are not in a position to block the sender?


Blocking a sender in your Gmail is your sole priority. But, quite often, due to some external issues, you fail to complete the process. Despite making repeated attempts, the procedure remains incomplete. This is a problem, which needs to be analyzed by the experts in a proper manner. For this very reason, you can consult with one of the technical experts by using the Google support number. At least, this way, you will find the reasons and by taking the corrective measures, you will finally get some respite.


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